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Managed package

To help you safely get more popular on Instagram.

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Meet Managed accounts

Managed accounts are perfect for anyone who doesn't have time to engage people on Instagram and are operated by our experienced Account Managers, so you can sit back and relax or focus on other important things for your business.

How does it work?

We will engage your targeted audience that we will find through the hashtags columns you added to your Dashboard. We will like photos, optionally follow and unfollow people on your behalf that we found valuable for your account.

Why is it safe?

Because we play well with Instagram limits, we don't abuse the service. We also try to fight spam and report a lot of spam photos once found.

Who is it for?

Professional bloggers, brands and agencies can benefit the most from managed accounts. We can engage people on your or your clients behalf.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to do?

At River we believe that it's impossible to post photos or reply to comments better than you do, therefore this is not included in the service. For the best results we recommend that you post between 2 to 5 photos a week with the hashtags you want to engage your audience on and leave the engagement on our side.

Can I resell it or offer it to my clients?

Absolutely! It will be our pleasure to work for you as a service and we will never contact your clients directly. Get in touch at to learn more how we can help you win more customers.

Can I get a discount?

Absolutely! Everyone who commits for a year minimum will get a discount automatically.

Can brands use it too?

Imagine when you post on Instagram that you are drinking #coffee how cool would it be when your post will be liked by Starbucks. This is a modern way of how brands interact with their customers and perform soft selling while increasing brand addiction.

How can I check the results?

You will be able to check the results on daily basis in the Accounts tab as well as in more detailed Analytics section.

What if my account get banned?

Until now none of the accounts we managed got banned.

Does it violate Instagram terms?

No, we always obey Instagram API limits and we never like more images than allowed nor follow more people than allowed, based on Instagram API limits.

Can you follow more people or do it faster?

No, sorry. We play well with the Instagram limits. At the moment noone can follow/unfollow more than 60 people an hour and like/unlike 100 photos per hour. We know that there are ways and apps that do it, but we also know some people who got banned. Even by liking or following too many people too quickly on their phones.

I don't like the idea of following/unfollowing people. Can you just like the posts for me?

Yes, we've got it covered. Please let us know immidiately after buying the package and we will never follow or unfollow any people for you.

Can you help me find best hashtags for my Instagram account?

Absolutely. It's actually one of the first steps we always recommend. Setting up proper hashtags is one of the most important things you should do on Instagram and really does make a difference in terms of number of likes and follows you can gain.

How do you choose which photos to like?

We choose photos based on the hashtags you add as your columns to your River dashboard. We try to find the photos of only the people you would like to influence, so we don't follow each and every photo that appears. It's our goal to never like photos of people who might be potential spammers.

What if I don't like what you liked on my behalf?

It's very easy to change it in your River account. Simply proceed to the queued photos section and choose photos liked and select a day you would like to check. Then click the unlike button.

I received an email about Renewing my token

This email indicates that Instagram tries to verify whether you are a real person or a bot and there really nothing to worry about. You are safe no matter how often you need to refresh token. It calms down after 4-6 weeks. Some of the Managed accounts have no problem at all, while other once a week or couple of times a day. It is also possible, when you use other tools that they do not operate according to the Instagram API, Instagram disable all applications connected to the account, which may increase the frequency of token approval. Last but not least, fresh Instagram profiles (or profiles that have not been used for a while) are under special observation. This way Instagram tries to deal with bots, which are a huge problem in a fact.

Is there something wrong with my account when I receive many emails about renewing my token?

No, again, there is nothing to worry about as we always obey Instagram rules and restrictions. If you receive these email frequently this might mean that either your account has not been used that actively before and Instagram wants to make sure you are not a bot, or you are using some other Instagram apps at the same time which again brings your account to the high activity level. However, what we noticed, in any case if you will continue using River these alerts should stop or be reduced after around 4-6 weeks.

Can I unfollow the people you followed?

Yes, you can do it by going to the people queue and then by selecting all the people we followed for you on a given day.

How does it compare to Engage package

In a few words Managed packaged allows you to do much more in a much shorter time than Engage package.

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