It’s a new marketing world.

74% of consumers rely on social media to inform their purchasing decisions
  • Gone are the days

    when what is said about your brand is the only thing that matters.
    Today, it’s who says it that’s important.

  • Social Influencers

    are people with significant networks who can speak about products or services with the ability to sway opinions in their favor.

  • 74% of consumers

    rely on social media when making their purchasing decisions.

#1 Insta
Gram Dec 2016

Leo Messi

leomessi Bienvenidos a la cuenta oficial de Instagram de Leo Messi / Welcome to the official Leo Messi Instagram account
Followed by 26.36M people.
Influences 1.34M people on average per post.

#2 Insta
Gram Dec 2016

Taylor Swift

taylorswift Born in 1989.
Followed by 51.94M people.
Influences 1.23M people on average per post.

#3 Insta
Gram Dec 2016

Kendall Jenner

Followed by 39.2M people.
Influences 1.18M people on average per post.

#4 Insta
Gram Dec 2016


Followed by 13.2M people.
Influences 999.65K people on average per post.

#5 Insta
Gram Dec 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo

cristiano Madrid
Followed by 33.75M people.
Influences 942.17K people on average per post.

#6 Insta
Gram Dec 2016

Louis Tomlinson

Followed by 6.21M people.
Influences 841.27K people on average per post.

#7 Insta
Gram Dec 2016

鹿 Han

Followed by 3.99M people.
Influences 812.77K people on average per post.

#8 Insta
Gram Dec 2016

Niall horan

niallhoran I do like stuff a good bit and doin activities with Deo @deodevine
Followed by 11.94M people.
Influences 777.65K people on average per post.

#9 Insta
Gram Dec 2016

Cara Delevingne

caradelevingne Don't worry, be happy ❤️ Embrace your weirdness 💥 STOP LABELLING, START LIVING 😘
Followed by 21.29M people.
Influences 774.12K people on average per post.

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#10 Insta
Gram Dec 2016

Liam Payne

Followed by 6.82M people.
Influences 768.2K people on average per post.

#11 Insta
Gram Dec 2016


Followed by 4.58M people.
Influences 695.58K people on average per post.

#12 Insta
Gram Dec 2016


instagram Capturing and sharing the world's moments.
Followed by 107.31M people.
Influences 672.14K people on average per post.

#13 Insta
Gram Dec 2016


Followed by 48.5M people.
Influences 637.11K people on average per post.

#14 Insta
Gram Dec 2016

Kim Kardashian West

Followed by 48.59M people.
Influences 602.1K people on average per post.

#15 Insta
Gram Dec 2016


Followed by 4.66M people.
Influences 601.96K people on average per post.

#16 Insta
Gram Dec 2016


9gag 9GAG is your best source of happiness and awesomeness.
Followed by 21.26M people.
Influences 585.17K people on average per post.

#17 Insta
Gram Dec 2016

Zayn Malik

Followed by 3.91M people.
Influences 574.72K people on average per post.

#18 Insta
Gram Dec 2016

One Direction

onedirection The Official Instagram account for One Direction. PRE-ORDER Made in the A.M.: | Perfect:
Followed by 10.95M people.
Influences 557.85K people on average per post.

#19 Insta
Gram Dec 2016

Cameron Dallas

camerondallas Snapchat - CameronDallas Twitter - CameronDallas YouTube - TheeCameronDallas Vine - CameronDallas
Followed by 8.08M people.
Influences 551.95K people on average per post.

#20 Insta
Gram Dec 2016

Justin Timberlake

justintimberlake Official Instagram of Justin Timberlake
Followed by 16.36M people.
Influences 524.64K people on average per post.

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Top Influencers on Instagram

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